August 05, 2015
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Earn up to $236,000 monthly
for 36 months. Be our TDTSC


We guarantee to make
you money!



Hello & Thank you for responding to our Boom-
program's advertisement


We are a Marketing Consulting Firm based in
Wyoming, USA.


Run a trade depot.
Complete with Products, 12
million territorial population,
50 door to door sales reps &
earn up to $58,000 weekly
for 156 weeks.


That's $236,000 monthly for
36 months. A total of $9.1
million income potential


We have a few of our own brand name media
products already created


We have 23 designated territories and 1,150
workers to be designated within the next 6 months


We have taken over 36 months to put the plan
together, built our system infrastruture and have
spent well over $1.4 million.


We plan to generate $100 million monthly in gross
revenues and we are now ready to penetrate the



Grow with us:

What are the Nature of our Business?

You can compare us to or we are similar to:

Facebook (or a Social Network Club)

Groupon ( or a coupon deal promotion company)


USA Today Newspaper (or a National Magazine & Newspaper Company)

We have 3-in-1





This is very realistic & a hands-on day to day
operation. No gimmicks. No pyramid
. No Ponzi scheme
and etc


Keep your present employment. You can do
this part time.
Also, this is NOT an MLM


You will have 50 sales reps who would actually be
going out daily, making sales and bringing in money
for you practically in your designated & assigned


We'll recruit and train them for you. Also, we'll supply them with
leads every week


Pick up any of the 23 territories which
you would like to represent and start to
make money now. Up to $58,000 every
blessed week guaranteed. See below:







Each Supervisor can now control at least 12
million population.

We merge small states to give you a big


These are the Territories:

1. California (3 supervisors)

2. Texas (2 supervisors)

3. New York (2 supervisors)

4. Florida (2 supervisors)

5. Illinois

6. Pennsylvania

7. Ohio


One Supervisor for these 3 States below:

8. Georgia

(b) Mississippi

(c) Arkansas


One Supervisor for these 3 States below:

9. Michigan

(b) Kansas



One Supervisor for these 3 States below:

10. North Carolina

(b) Nevada

(c)New Mexico


One Supervisor for these 3 States below:

11. New Jersey

(b) Alabama

(c)West Virginia


One Supervisor for these 3 States below:

12. Virginia

(b) Washington

(c) Massachusetts


One Supervisor for these 3 States below:

13. Arizona

(b) Indiana

(c) Tennesse


One Supervisor for these 2 States below:

14. Wisconsin

(b) Maryland


One Supervisor for these 3 States below:

15. Colorado

(b) South Carolina

(c) Louisiana


One Supervisor for these 3 States below:

16. Kentucky

(b) Oregon

(c) Oklahoma

(d) Connecticut


One Supervisor for these 3 States below:

17. Iowa

(b) Missouri

(c) Nebraska

(d) Minnesota


One Supervisor for these 12 States below:

18. Idaho

(b) Hawaii

(c) Maine

(d) New Hampshire

(e) Rhode Island

(f) Montana


(h) South Dakota

(i) Alaska

(j) North Dakota


(l) Wyoming

Only 23 supervisors in all






We are a registered corporation in the state of
Wyoming since 1998



...and remember that, this is NOT
an MLM or a Pyramid program.

These are up to 50 sales people/distributors
who'll be reporting to YOU DIRECTLY and
not through some downline resellers.





People are making some serious
and comfortable living from MEDIA &
Advertising business revenues


Amazon is an advertising
they advertise other
companies products. They make


So, is facebook, linkedin, yahoo,
google, ebay, groupon, USA today
newspaper, Alibaba.....

and a lot more BILLION DOLLARS
They all have sales reps


Advertising business is a big







You will have up to 50
sales forces, sales
on the
ground in your territory.


Their Boots on the ground doors
to doors, businesses to
businesses. By phones, emails,
faxes, conference calls, sms &
etc. They'll push the products
and be making their living.



Just keep on supplying the products to them



Advertising business is a big


Pick your territory now & let's get
you started with making money.
Remember that we'll give you a territory,
the products and even recruit up to 50
sales workers for you while you represent
us in your territory.

View the territories in pdf format

Each Territory is good for 3 years. Grab yours now before
we are sold out



Note: Even though you'll
earn up to $9 million as our
TDTSC, your own take home
after everyone has been paid
shall be about $1.8 million


You can now request for the full information.



We have 600 kits for your trade depot every
week which we called products/inventory.


"Inventories"? They are the products we'll supply to
you every week IN BULK to give to your sales rep for sales &
distribution every week. You are operating your Trade Depot
with the products & you'll distribute them through
your 50 sales reps.




One territory, 12 million population and 50 sales reps.

Become our business associate today with
a protected territory and using (well
50 sales people to promote 600
kits weekly for only $98 retail price each.

That's $58,800 weekly while you run our
Trade Depot


Only 7-10 trained sales reps can handle these 600 kits easily for you but
we are giving you 50. We guaranteed to make you money. The $98 kit
has some irresistible privileges and it is a hot & quick sales item





Question: Are there up to 50
people looking for Home-based
Jobs or self-employment
WORK out there?

According to Statistic. Over 10 million people are out there looking for either a full time
work or an income generating small business.

OR Some of them already have a full time work (business or employment) but wanted
something extra which they can do (like second work) and be making more money to
supplement their full time employment or business income.

From these over 10 million people seeking an income or a second income, we can
surely find 50 for you because we are a Business & Marketing Consulting Firm


Statistic said, over 10 million people were seeking an income or a
second income opportunity. Let us recruit only 50 of them for you





Let us put it this way, It's too easy a way for you to make
with only a $98 fast moving product and 50 sales people.

The $98 kit has some irresistible privileges and it is a hot & quick
sales item

They (your 50 reps) would sell only 600 kits a week and all you
do is supervise them.

That's an average of only 12 kits for a whole week for each
TRAINED sales rep
.With a product which is retailed for just
$98 , not a high priced item and in the hands of 50 trained sales
professionals, you just can't lose.

Moreover, We'll recruit and train the 50 sales reps/workers
for you in your territory. If you multiply only $98 by 600 kits,
you'll have $58,800 weekly.

Presently, There are over 20 million businesses & 35
million non-business consumers who are in need of and
could use your $98 product





Is this legal?

Yes, it is legal. We are having 23 territories in the USA and 2 territories in Canada
to better serve our customers dynamically rather than running the whole show from
one central location.

We'll expand to the UK, Europe & Worldwide later

We are not a not-for-profit organization. We are registered to be a profitable
organization and we'll pay your team up to $58k every week for running
1 of the 23 territories togther with us.

It's like a business partnership but you are your own boss and you operate under your
own name or under your own company's name. We are your Supplier.

We may also furnish you with our certificate of Authority
obtained from the Secretary of State
for our own company to operate outside of Wyoming and to
operate in your state/territory

You'll do no selling work personally, only
supervise your 50 sales reps in your territory



The $98 kit has some irresistible privileges and it is a hot & quick
sales item. Become an advertising tycoon today with up to
$236,000 monthly income for 36 months



People are making some serious
and comfortable living from MEDIA &
Advertising business revenues
today. Join them






We are simply your supplier. You will represent us in your State or territory to
promote & sell our Media products. You can run the business under your own company's
name which you registered in your state as a sole proprietorship or as a small corporation.

You have your own company under your own name and you distribute our media products under
our own brands.


No special license, permit or degree is required of you other than your
small business sole proprietor's registration or small corporation's







Earning up to $236,000 monthly


What has online Fraud got to do with this? We are
establishing you pysically with 50 physically fit sales
people in your territory.


You must have heard a lot about online scams? Where the
websites are not authentic and the company in not in existence,
yet, they have websites and collected money online. No, we are
not such fake companies.

We are a Consulting Firm. Registered and active as a Corporation
since 1998 in the state of Wyoming.

Consultants are similar to hired professionals & skilled people.

Usually, We get paid for the time we spent when we provided our


However, you did not pay us for any consulting services
for this program simply because
we were into this as partners
with you and with your 50 sales reps and we'll make profits too
from your territory if you are doing good because we are your
product suppliers as well and not just your product marketing


Here, you hired us AS YOUR CONSULTANT to help find something which
is not a Multi-Level-Marketing Program and which can make you a lot of


You will be distributing our products. That is why we have waived our
marketing Consultant's fee which could be as much as $50,000 plus
commissions per contract to make you the up to $3 million a year. $9.1 million in 3 years.


Besides, Internet is not made for scams or fraud.
The kind of money internet has made for people
LEGALLY in the past 10 years, such money has never
been made in the past 300 years by people prior to the
internet era



Forget about competitors! With a unique advertising product which is retailed for only $98, any advertisers can pay the $98 a month in addition to what ad system they are using right now.

Even we ourselves are advertising with more than 5 newspapers and etc

Besides, our products are unique & we have some strong marketing strategies.






We are an advertising
company. Online &
Offline. Prices for our
ad spaces ranges from
$24.99 - $12,000 a piece


Is the internet
making money?


Read this:

Tuesday, April 16, 2013
" I nternet Ad Revenues Again Hit Record-Breaking
Double-Digit Annual Growth
Reaching Nearly $37 Billion, a 15% Increase
Over 2011’s Landmark Numbers

Q4 2012 Surpasses $10 Billion, Marking a Nearly
15% Increase Over Q4 2011

Mobile Ad Revenues More than Double for the
Second Year in a Row"

News release from:

We have spent well over 3 years and more
than $1.4 million to build ours and it would
earn a steady $1.2 billion annually. Join us.







Internet have a lot of rooms for customers. For
instance, if you are into advertising & publishing of
Newspapers. You can have MORE THAN 100,000
advertisers on the internet. There are over 26 million
businesses out there.


On the other hands, If you try to print & PUBLISH a newpaper
hard copy and have 100,000 advertisers in it, it'll be too heavy to
carry, too heavy and too expensive to mail out by USPS, and will
be too expensive to afford by your newspaper readers.
cumbersome and not enviromentally friendly.






If your fee is only $20 a month. Multiply that by 100,000
customers, you'll make $2,000,000 ($2 million a month)
$24 million a year




While the internet can reach over 150 million potential
customers for your advertisers monthly, you cannot mail out
your physical offline newspaper by USPS to 150 million people
a month


Please don't disrespect the internet. It is not
a vehicle for fraud & scams. Good businesses and
quality business people do exist on the internet


You'll do no selling work personally, only
supervise your 50 sales reps in your territory
and earn over $21,768.00 every week (from
the $58,000) after all your sales reps were all
handsomely paid

Ask to view your TDTSC Agent's contract






The world is changing and internet is here to stay.
We'll show you how to make money online (on the
net & offline (on the street) combined



You and your 50 distributors will be busy selling
while we are busy improving & upgrading the
products as well as finding leads for your 50
sales reps daily. This is why we are contracting
out our sales & distribution department to you
and called your center THE TRADE DEPOT

This is a serious TEAMWORK. No scams. No






Transaction of monies by your reps:

The product (the gift card) your sales reps are to sell
would be sold PHYSICALLY to people in your territory.

The transaction of monies for the gift card is not by online form
where you just sign up and pay online. It's at the street level.

This is not about internet. This is about running A PROFITABLE


We are simply using the internet to explain how the TRADE DEPOT
program works. This is saving us a lot of money because without the
internet, we'll first print EXPENSIVE GLOSSY FLYER & MAIL IT TO YOU
THROUGH USPS snail mail.

It takes for ever and cost too much money to get you a mere
information flyer/package. The internet have changed that. GET




You'll Simply supervise them (your 50 sales reps) and
make $81.33 commission on every $98 sales closed or
$9.1 million in 3 years
. This is realistic and not a child's play




There's a lot of money in Media. Together, let us
penetrate the market and make it huge


We are going to have more than 23 PHYSICAL territories.


Our annual income expectation is about $1.2 billion every year. Get your own cut of $3 million a year and a take home profit of over $600,000 a year for 3 years


Our company is set to have 23 territorial
supervisors and (50 x 23)= 1,150 sales reps/team
Remember, Facebook has about 1,500 sales team while Groupon has about 3,000 team; although their systems were a bit different to ours and it must be but the goal is the same.



Only 1 person would grab this opportunity in your territory
of 12 million consumers. Don't miss it.


The earlier you get back to us & secure your
territory, the better. Start to earn up to $58k weekly








We put our media UNIQUE products inside gift
and your depot distributes them while we give your
50 sales reps all the back office supports as if you hired & paid
a consulting firm.


We have tested it (the card & 50 reps) and
found it more effective than using 50
telemarketers to phone advertisers & consumers.


Please don't underrate the gift card products. As cars
come in different styles & values so is a gift card.


For example, one cannot compare a small Chevrolet
car to a Rollsroyce car.


Our gift card product can be sold to up to
26 million BUSINESS advertisers & 35 million
non-advertiser consumers

We have other media product which would be introduced
to your team later. Start with this gift card first and earn
up to $9.1 million







This shouldn't take 100 pages to explain. You'll have 600 gift
cards with unique privileges every week at your TRADE depot.


50 sales reps of yours would come & take 12 cards each to sell &
distribute. We (The head office) would supply your sales reps
with customer leads and training AND pattern on how to find
customers on their own as well.


Your Depot is only to welcome your sales reps not the general
public. It is your sales reps who would be contacting the general
public and selling the products to them


We (the head office) are to find & recruit the 50 sales reps for
your territory and also give them leads & back up every week.


You will have a protected territory which means that nothing can
be sold in that territory without you getting paid your own
commission whether the sales were closed by your own sales reps or not. Your territory would have at least 12 million



When your 50 sales reps come to take their inventory of 12 gift
cards EACH at your depot, they'll each pay you ($16.67 +
$36.33) = $53 x 12 gift cards = $636 x 50 sales reps = $31,800
every week.


$16.67 is for us (the head office) $36.33 is for you and $45.00
commission is for your sales reps on each gift card. Total = $98


The card is retailed for $98. if you like, you can pay more than
$45 to your sales reps out of your own $36.33


Once the system is put in place for you, this
little $98 money crunching with only $36.33 for
you can add up very quickly and can earn your
TRADE depot up to $9.1 million with up to $1.8
million in TAKE-HOME PROFITS for you in as
little as 36 months.






Is this a Franchise?

No, it is better. It is better because you don't pay any ROYALTY
for using our name. You can use your own company's name and
distribute our brand.

You don't pay every month to contribute towards head office
advertising campaign for all the franchisees

You don't use your own money to advertise for hiring workers.
We hire them for you

Our product which you stock at your DEPOT is not purchased
until they were sold. It is on consignment.

We also train your workers. Not only hire them for you.

We supply your workers with sales lead every week.

We are doing up to 90% of the work for your depot, yet,
we'll pay you (only you, not your reps) $36.33 commission on a
$98 merchandise. That is more than 31% profits for you alone
and we make only $16.67 from each $98 but we are the services
provider after you & your sales reps sold the merchandise. We
are more than very fair. We have the very BEST & generous


Yes, this is not a Franchise. It's a distributorship but seriously







What would it cost to
become a Trade Depot
Territorial Supervisor &

and be earning
up to $236k monthly?


$10K weekly but we can offer you financing


No credit check. That's $520k a year . $1.5
million for the 3 yrs period and you'll earn
$9.1 million.


You'll need $10k to start and earn $58k


We have spent well over 3 years and more
than $1.4 million to build this. It's time
now to penetrate this lucrative Internet &
MEDIA market.


The business is READY-MADE. Just start it


Look, We made it easier for you . Otherwise, we
could have asked for $500,000 ($500k) to start
you up and open up a fancy office/store for you.

Instead, we allow you to use your own office or
home office and your start up cost is now only
$10k weekly, not $500k or $1.5 million one time


Only $10k to start. Again, we can offer you financing with no credit check &
No co-signers.



Get more info & Sign-up now.
Go to this



We are an Advertising Company.





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